Maxisteel specialises in providing exceptional quality metal fabrication to a broad range of residential and commercial clients.

Steel Fabrication

Maxisteel Fabrication provides end-to-end residential and commercial steel fabrication solutions throughout Sydney and beyond. We specialise in balustrades, handrails, fences, doors balconies as well as structural steel structures.

Aluminium Fabrication

We have extensive aluminium fabrication experience, with a key focus on providing innovative commercial solutions. Our commercial projects include corrosion resistant and attractive cladding for apartment buildings.

Welding Services

Maxisteel have a team of expert welders that have the highest attention to detail to insure your weld joins aren’t just sound but also beautiful. Our team are also experts in the delicate process of welding aluminium, meaning we can fabricate metal structures for any application.

Project Design

Do you have an idea for a project but aren’t sure how to execute it? Bring your idea to the team at Maxisteel and we can guide you on how to make it work. From drawing the specifications for a new architectural steel fence to cutting and then assembling the structure on site, let the team at Maxisteel take care of it.

  • Light & Heavy Steel Fabrication
  • Site Welding & Installations
  • Stainless Steel Welding & Pipe Fabrication
  • Steel Hand Railing
  • Balustrades & Bollards
  • Handrails
  • Plant Platforms
  • Access Ladders Platforms
  • Aluminium Cat Walks
  • Disability Handrails
  • Stainless Steel Handrails & Balustrades
  • Galvanised Handrails & Balustrades
  • Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades
  • Privacy Screens
  • Gates
  • Stair Structures
  • Cladding
  • Decorative Screens
  • Pool Fencing
  • Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades
  • Custom fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel & aluminium

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